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  • Owen Says:

    What’s going on brother? How’s life in Korea?
    You seem really happy in those pics, and already running marathon. Well, I wish you the best there.

  • SHelton Baldwin Says:

    WHat up black man no matter where we go we still have to run. ha just wishing you well, you do seem to be enjoying yourself hope it last awhile. don’t be a stranger stay cool.

  • Kim Patterson Says:

    Hey Tony,
    You haven’t blogged in a while. How are things going over there with North Korea? I hope things will cool down soon. Take care & please keep in touch.

  • ranno Says:

    You see Tony, I am not the only one looking forward to read Your new stories :)

  • Tanya Ascani Says:

    Hi Tony! Hope things are well. Looking forward to seeing some new stories!

  • David (your Boo!!) Says:

    Hey Boo, I sure hope you read this. Since I don’t like Facebook (and I don’t have an account), I thought I’d reach you this way. I’ve been so heartbroken that I’ve missed your calls! It’s been like a bad comedy. Everytime I’ve come out of the shower, there’s a voice mail-from you. What are the odds of that happening???!! I so really miss you. I was telling Logan how I missed you just the other day. I can’t wait to see you again Boo. Maybe really soon, huh? What do plane tickets to Korea cost nowadays?? Anyway, I hope you are doing well-and judging by the pictures, not bad at all! Take care sweetpea. Logan and I send all our love.

  • Tony Says:

    Thank you boo. I miss you guys so much!

  • Tony Says:

    It is nice to get such great comments and i look forward to communicating with you!!!

  • Rew Says:

    Hi, Tony. It’s me, Rew! Be seeing you around.

  • mark figueroa Says:

    hey whats up man sorry i missed your calls but it showed up private but when you try again just call and leave a voicemail and then call me back like a min later well hope to hear from you bro laterz

  • mark figueroa Says:

    hey sorry again lol but my schedule is still grave yard so when you called i was crashed out but its always better to get a hold of me during the mid afternoon again sorry

  • Gene Hilton Says:

    Egad, that bug sounded huge! Stay safe and keep that swatter and bug spray handy!

  • Jennifer Says:

    Tony, I got your website from Ms U at JASAN. I used to work there too…in 1996-97. Man, just typing that makes me feel old. I taught mainly adults in the evenings. How is everything going there? I know that it can sometimes get lonely in Pyongtaek. Back in the USA now – Minnesota. Married with 3 kiddos. Eat some kimchee for me.

  • Bryan "The Nature Boy" Roney Says:

    Whats Up Dog?. Where in the would are you. I moved to another country also, Mebane. You should see it. We have a Wal-Mart & electricity, we are going to vote next week to get the internet. Sarah & I have 3 babies now. We are building a house on our farm & you know the best part, Womble is only going to live about 2 miles down the road from me. Tone, keep Womble in you thoughts & prayers. He isn’t doing to good. He tried to start his own bait & tackle shop (it flopped) then he tried to start his own gay escort service(no success in Mebane, Tools to small),He then invested alot of money in a pay phone company (who uses pay phones?), he thought we may want to be a chicken farmed (all the chickens died) & now he is a bell ringer at the local Wal-Mart here in Mebane. He also works part time as Santa Claus at the Mall (the kids make fun of him, have you ever seen a red headed Santa Claus???) I don’t know what he is going to do after Christmas.
    Still Makin you laugh ain’t I???, Email me Back

  • Jennifer Says:

    Tony, It’s me, Jennifer who used to teach at JaSan. R U still in Korea? Mrs. Kim sent me a wonderful present for my little baby (her first b-day was last week). Can you believe it? I taught there 13 years ago & they are still so good to me. I hope that all is well with you. Take care. Tell everyone hello from me. Thanks.

  • Erin(Uranus)in JASAN Says:

    U R Website is Really Good!!

  • Tony L. Sessoms Says:

    Thanks for viewing and commenting on my blog. See you in class!!!

  • Tony L. Sessoms Says:


    Hope you get this message. I am still here and find that I really enjoy it. I have renewed my contract for another year with the school. I told the group that you said hello and that you had received the gift. I hope all is well and i will chat with you soon.

  • Erin(Uranus)in JASAN Says:

    I enjoy to visit your blog.U R Blog very good!

  • Tony L. Says:

    Thank you :-)

  • Cindy(Jansan Academy Milkyway student) Says:

    I’m Cindy!
    See you all time!
    (I think this sentence is so short;;)

  • Caoimhe Says:

    Hello Tony, I recently interviewed for Jasan school & was directed to your site for more information. Well done, it’s a good read! The school has told me that you will call me when you are out of class so that I can ask you a few more questions about life there…I’m sure you’re busy so thanks very much for taking this time. The school has my number – speak to you soon. Caoimhe

  • Tony L. Sessoms Says:

    Hello Cindy

    Thanks for the short sentence. I am happy that you viewed my blog. Take care and see you soon. Ciao for now. Oh, thanks for the nice gift. I love it ;-)

  • Cindy(Jansan Academy Milkyway student) Says:

    I’m boring~~>m<

  • Tony L. Sessoms Says:

    Ahhh–You are not boring; maybe a bit bored but never boring ;-)

  • Erin(Uranus)in JASAN Says:

    I’m very happy because Korea beated Greece yesterday night!
    And England and U.S.A tied.That’s good news!

  • Cindy(Jansan Academy Milkyway student) Says:

    What are you doing now?
    I come your blog now.
    good bye~>-<
    When we meet the academy, I'll smile for everything- happy~!

  • Tony L. Sessoms Says:

    Thank you! Smiles are always nice.

  • LINA(Milkyway)in JASAN Says:

    Why you didn’t write post on your blog??
    I want to see yours because your story is very fun.
    And please come to my blog.
    Its address is
    It is Korean so you have to do a hard work..
    Good Bye!!

  • Cindy(Jansan Academy Milkyway student) Says:

    Hi- teacher~
    I come back on your blog
    always i want see your Y-not

  • Erin(Uranus)in JASAN Says:

    Hello-o~ Teacher>~<
    I'm sorry.I didn't visit your Blog recently):

  • david Says:

    Sorry I keep missing your phone calls, Boo!! I’ve been working late this week due to the beginning of the Fall Semester. It’s been a madhouse here. I hope we can catch up soon!! Love ya!!!

  • Erin(The Apple)in JASAN Says:


  • Claude(Mint) Says:

    I found YOUR SITE!!
    Ummm.. Actually, I’m Alison :)
    Claude told me wrong site so I was very hard to find your site!!

  • Simon Says:

    I found YOUR SITE!!
    I`m surprised that you have your own website.
    You have many nice posts!
    My sister like your posts.
    Have a nice day~

  • Simon Says:

    Hello- teacher! You were on the TV last night!
    Oh you were went there. I didn`t visited your blog meanwhile. I wish I have my own blog!

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