Whitney Houston’s Seoul Korea Concert 2010

Just to let you know I have been a fan of Whitney for a very long time, yet lost track of her while she was battling with her problems.  This however is the first concert of hers that I have seen in person.  I did not know what to expect and debated if I wanted to see her after the change in her voice.

I have always felt a special fondness towards her and felt sad when she suffered.  Many people have fame and fortune for long period of time and sometime for their whole life and after their death.  Whitney had such a powerful angelic voice and with the change it is still nice to listen to her sing.  I have not spent much of my time listen to any of her newer songs after her marriage.   My fond memories are from an earlier version of Whitney and all her beauty.

The concert was held at Seoul’s Olympic Park.  http://www.lifeinkorea.com/Travel2/168

I went to the concert with a group of friends from work and found it to be quite nice.  The concert hall was completely filled and the vibe was set right from the first moment Whitney stepped foot on stage.  It could be because of the love I have had for her music that I was open to receive her in any fashion she appeared to me.  But more than that I think she was able to hold the interest of the audience.  She seemed happy and playful and free to make mistakes and struggle as any human without the fear of judgment.  I enjoy that show of relaxed freedom more than the actual singing.

Whitney’s voice is completely different and if I had went to this concert having the expectations that she would sing in the same fashion I had fallen in love with so many years ago; I would have been most disappointed.  Yet, just taking her for what she had to bring to Seoul, S. Korea that night was very pleasant for me.  I can’t account for what others think of her music and voice today but for me I was most pleased and proud to have been apart of what I will call her success in Seoul, S. Korea.

Here is to you Whitney and I hope that you continue to improve and find your new voice and grow excellently with it.

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