Unguarded Moments by Steve McCurry

I visited this art exhibition on April 4, 2010 in Seoul, S. Korea with some friends. The show was amazing and Steve has such talent that allows him to grab the life within each photo. I felt as if I was there with him as he took each photo.

The realness of it all made me feel at peace and filled with joy and sorrow. Some of the photos expressed such pain and sadness that it made me feel the same.

If you ever have the opportunity to view one of his exhibitions in person you may find it to be as awesome as I did. You can read more about Mr. McCurry at stevemccurry.wordpress.com

I altered some of his outer display photos by adding myself to his well know images. Hope you still like it. It felt nice to be photographed next to a great work of art. Thanks Mr. McCurrry!!!

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