A World within a World

“Lotte World Amusement Park”

Daelim and I visited Lotte World on Friday, May 21, 2010, in celebration of Buddha’s Birthday holiday. The Amusement Park is small but it is really nice, exciting and beautiful. We did not do much riding yet managed to have a great time. We did however eat lots of food every chance we got.

Daelim took some really nice photos and as always he is on the other side of the camera. I think I will have to start carrying my camera if I am to capture him in some of these memorable moments. The one ride that we did take allowed us to tour the whole internal park from the air, which was quite exciting.

Daelim had never been ice skating so he wanted to attempt his first feat at the skating ring. He was a bit fearful at first of falling onto the cold hard wet surface but after he got on the ice he took it slow and everything worked out for him. He seemed to have much more fun on the ice than I did. Skating can be fun but if your skates are not the best fit it can be a nightmare. I had fun but the skates were not the best fit so the experience was not the best but was fun nevertheless.

With the food and nice surroundings I had a fun filled day and look forward to visiting other amusement parks in S. Korea. Until next time!!!!

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