A Day Trip to Deoksugung Palace

Hello again:

On April 18, 2010 I went to Deoksugung Palace, located in the heart of Seoul S. Korea, with Daelim and Adam as a day trip. The place is amazing and the preserved buildings are beautiful.

Deoksugung served as the main palace of the short-lived Great Han Empire (1897-1910). It was originally the residence of Prince Wolsan, the elder brother of King Seongjong (r. 1469-1494). After the palace and the capital were destroyed by fire during the Japanese invasion of 1592, King Seonjo (r. 1567-1608) moved to the palace and used it as a temporary residence.

King Gwanghaegun (r. 1608-1623), who succeeded King Seonjo, named the palace Gyeongungung in 1611. King Injo (r. 1623-1649) held a ceremony in Jeukjodang Hall in 1623. It was here in 1897 that king Gojong proclaimed to the nation and the world the establishment of the “Great Han Empire”. The palace was renamed Deoksugung in 1907, when King Sunjong ascended the throne, and it has been known by that name to this day.

You can read more about the history, past and present, of Deoksugung Palace at www.deoksugung.go.kr .

I hope you enjoy the photos. I had lots of fun posing for them. Daelim is the photographer for the photos. He does such a wonderful job at capturing my good sides ;-).

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