Hitting the ground running

Well I finally arrived in Korea, Pyeongtaek City (view on map) after a long flight. I was greeted with warm welcomes throughout the whole process. The beautiful young gentleman in Customs gave me all the added security I needed to get my time here started. Once out of baggage claims there was another nice gentleman waiting to assist me with my travel to the city. He purchased a bus ticket for me and I headed to Pyeongtaek. The bus ride was two hours long so I continued read “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers (read more on Wikipedia). The book is an absolute must read!!!

Arriving at the bus terminal I was supposed to be greeted by someone from the school in which I am to teach, yet found no one there to pick me up. I was approached by a cab driver who turned out to be really helpful. I told him that I was waiting for someone to pick me up. I showed him my pick up information to make sure I was at the right terminal. He took the information and called the contact phone numbers for the person designated to pick me up. He informed me that there was no answer and he would try back in a few minutes. He tried back yet still did not receive an answer. At this time he is ready to get back to work so he suggests that I wait and maybe someone would come to the terminal and pick me up. He said that there may have been a problem. He them shook my hand and off he went. At this time I am feeling a bit out of sorts from being in a new country with my travel agenda hindered ever so slightly. After about five minutes, the cab driver came back inside where I was standing and gave me his cell phone. The person from the school returned his call and he was nice enough to stop what he was doing to bring the phone to me. I am most gratefully to people like him.

After being picked up at the bus terminal I was taken by the school and then to the grocery store to pick up a few items in which the person that picked me up volunteered to pay for my items. After the store run I was off to the new apartment. The studio is about 400 square feet plus or minus a few feet; small but comfortable. Arriving at the apartment my neighbor/co-worker comes over for introductions. He stayed for a while assisting me in any way he could by telling me some things to expect while living in Korea.

Now this was on Wednesday April 15 at about 11pm when I finally got to my destination. After I unpacked and cleaned the place to my comfort I went to bed around 3:15am. I awoke at 6:15am to find that I was not tired. At this time I finished reading Redeeming Love while lying in bed. I must have lied in a bad position because I ended up with a kink in my neck on the right side. I tried to work it out with no luck.

I got up, showered and got dressed. About this time my neighbor, Robb, came over to walk to school with me. He calls himself my training wheels, for he helps me get from one point to another without getting too terribly lost. Once at school the children greeted me in the manner in which I was told they would. They called Obama teacher and swarmed me like a pack of bees. I smiled and accepted their affections and worked to settle in as quickly as possible, because within the hour I would be in a classroom with another teacher. The classes went well and the students were typical student with much energy and a great eagerness to learn. I assisted in teaching seven classes both Thursday and Friday, for Monday I will teach my seven classes alone. Wish me well!!! Post One

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